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10/25/10: Kudos to you and Mace on the Kathy Mattea concert on Sunday night. EXCELLENT!!!! What a great show. -Deb
11/14/09: Coming to town later than planned from a long stint on the Slope, I drove the haul road for 10 hours to try to make it in time for the concert, and stopped at Pump Station 6 to call the great team at Ester PO and be sure that my tickets were accessible to me in my PO box when I got to town after hours.  It involved effort from a few folks on my behalf, but I made it in time for the Crooked Still concert.  I would have been very disappointed if I had missed them and later heard how wonderful they were.  I thoroughly enjoyed everything about them even though I was pretty wrung out by the time I got there!Some folks wonder why I would spend that much money on a ticket for an artist I know next to nothing about.  My answer is always the same.  If Trudy and Mace bring someone here for us to experience I know I will not be disappointed.   This was another classic example!   Fabulous, thank you! Keep on educating me! -Janice
3/19/09: You & Mace always bring light to us up here in the interior ~ ~ ~ thankyou thankyouthankyou ! ! -Sally Anne
2/7/09: Great concert last night [Willy Porter and Natalia Zukerman] - I'm so happy I went! They were both fantastic--such incredible guitar playing. Hey, you guys do a wonderful job bringing superb acts to our town. Thanks for all you do. -Deb
2/7/09: Another gem of a show. I did not know either artist. Willy Porter is such a character! Thanks for bringing them both up. -Peter
5/13/08: I can't express enough gratitude for your following through on bringing Bruce Cockburn up here. It marks the 4th time I've seen him as a fan for over 20 years and this solo acoustic concert was truly special. If you sold season tickets for life I just might consider taking out a loan.... Thanks and peace, -Dennis
5/2/08: I just saw that John Prine is coming - I'm SO excited! Thanks for all the work you do with this, makes Fairbanks so much fun! -Toni
2/16/08:I have so enjoyed the talent you are bringing up here.  Lucy K and Wailin J's of late.  Man, the Wailin Jennies blew me away with their harmonies.  Thanks for bringing so much positive music up here for sort of isolated Fairbanks to enjoy.  I'm glad you decided to go for bringing them up again this year, as I missed the first visit, and now I know why you wanted to bring them up again.  Amazing. - Leila
8/8/07: bela fleck show = WOW WOW WOW! -Jeff
8/7/07: Thanks for bringing the Flecktones to Fairbanks.What a great show. I have seen them on tv and listened to recordings. Nothing can compare to the real thing! HOT! HOT! HOT! Bela doesn't play the banjo,he plays the crowd! He was just an honest,humble guy. I compare his virtuosity on the banjo to guitar players Andre Segovia and Chet Atkins. -Banjo Bob
8/6/07: WOW is all I can say right now about Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. I am still in awe from the concert. -Terri
8/6/07: I wanted to thank you for offering us the great seats for the concert.  It far surpassed our expectations.  Bela and his band were amazing!-Colleen
8/6/07: Just want to say THANKS SO MUCH for getting Béla back to Fairbanks. I truly enjoyed the show. -Moira
4/3/07: I go to Acoustic Adventures shows whenever I am able--I am never disappointed, even if I have never heard of the band. You guys are awesome! -Shannon
3/30/07: Just wanted to say thanks so much for getting Lucy up here again. I have missed her shows in the past, but it was a treat to finally attend. Even with a cold, she managed to just be herself, to be real - "this is who I am". So refreshing. I was very touched by her family stories and songs. -Michael
3/30/07: GREAT show tonight [Lucy Kaplansky].....we really enjoyed it....and in support of buying up all the CDs so that Anchorage doesn't get any, we brought home 3 of her CDs!   *smile* -Laura and Dale
2/17/07: You've put on some amazing concerts before but Darrell Scott is in a class of his own. That show easily goes onto my all time favorite list. What amazed me besides his guitar playing is how he can take a song from a CD and change the arrangement so much but it still sounds great. Thanks for bringing him up. -Peter 
9/30/06: Great concert!. I love watching/listening to Joe Craven!  Sure glad Alison chose to add him for the concert. That is a group you should consider bringing back. -Peter
9/30/06: I went to the Alison Brown quartet last night and it was fantastic. Thank you so much for bringing them here. It made me want to go home and break out the banjo. Keep up the good work.- Terri
9/21/06: I just want to mention how much I appreciate what you and Acoustic Adventures do to support the music scene here.  It would be a much longer winter without you guys. Thanks, Jim
6/22/06: Thanks for the beyond great Arlo concert.  What a treat.  Listened to the Live in Sydney CD last night.  Great, but didn't come close to the sound, performance, and overall ambiance that was at Hering Auditorium. -Sue
6/20/06: Pam and I truly enjoyed the Arlo Guthrie performance. Thanks for the wonderful seats, and for all your efforts for the musical arts. -Tim
6/6/06: I am so glad that you and Mace are there, doing what you do, and that you do it in such a loving Fairbanksan way. Thank you!
5/12/06: I didn't get to see Arlo when he was here before, I can't remember why, I think because I didn't know about it until too late. Maybe that's' when I got on your email list! Thanks a million! -LJ
2/21/06: We will see you at Nanci’s concert. What a treat!!!!! She was absolutely awesome on no sleep last time. -Dennis
2/18/06: Thanks for your dedication to bringing great music to Fairbanks. -Morgan
2/18/06: Thanks so much for bringing such great music to our northern land! -Kat
2/16/06: I am so excited that Nanci Griffith is coming to Fairbanks.  I have only been on your email list for a short time but wow... I am so impressed. -Trish
2/16/06: I want tickets to see Nancy Griffiths, that is AWESOME! Thanks for this email thing [cyber event list email], it just "paid" for itself as far as I'm concerned! -LJ
2/14/06:WOW!!!!  I checked your website to see what was new.   What a great thing to find [Nanci Griffith]. You and Mace do some amazing things for the musical enrichment of Fairbanks. - Ken
1/14/06: Last night was wonderful. Thank you so much for bringing Rhonda Vincent & the Rage! I was in tears from the very first notes of "Kentucky Borderline" . . . and it just got better from there. I was so glad they did "Fishers of Men" as the encore, as that's one of my favorite songs of theirs. - Ken
1/14/06: What a great concert!! I'm glad that I was able to be there. Your work is appreciated by many. -Dennis
11/21/05: Trudy, once again I applaud you for introducing me to an unfamiliar and great artist! Although it was obvious to me that Tom Russell  was a household name to the majority of Friday night's audience, he was a new name to me and with the talents of Andrew Hardin I was well impressed by the talents of these two.  I have never been disappointed in anyone you have brought up here and am always hungry to hear live (and talented) music when in town.  Many many thanks again. - Janice
10/12/05: We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the music that you bring to Fairbanks. The David Grisman Concert was unbelievable....we loved every minute. You have introduced us to many artists that we would not have discovered on our own. If you pick them, we know they will be awesome! -Elrita and Jim 
10/9/05: Wow. The Grisman Quartet and Emmylou Harris in Fairbanks in the same year. You're doing phenomenal things! -Martha
9/21/05: Keep up the great work please. You are a shining star in Fairbanks culture. -Tom
9/10/05: Thanks for your part in pulling all that together last night-what a fun show that was-as always it was nice to hear you and Will and company pick a tune. [Fairbanks Cares: Hurricane Relief Concert] - David
9/9/05: This is a wonderful website. Thank you for all the care and hard work. -Windy
8/6/05: I can't imagine a better concert than Emmy Lou--that was a real coup. I saw her with her band in Anchorage 9 or 10 years ago, and this was light years better. Way to go!! -Deb
8/5/05: Hey, the show was great! Both Allison Moorer and Steve Earle gave excellent performances: intelligent, stimulating, sometimes humorous, sometimes thought-provoking, but always entertaining. A real QUALITY show. -Andy
6/13/05: Congrats on yet another OUTSTANDING Folk Festival. I know I wasn't the only one glued to the radio all day on Saturday - the buzz around Delta is all good and I'm pleased to report that more than one person has already told me it was one of the best live broadcasts they ever heard. The talent, the hosting, the production - all seamless - or so it sounded! I know there's tons of organizing and worry that must go on behind the scenes and please know that so many of us out here in KUAC land appreciate all your hard work so very much! -Joyce
3/28/05: Chris Smithers was one of the rare acts that is much better than even his great studio recordings because of his colorful life stories, expressive face, constantly tapping foot,  and unique guitar style.   He is a solo act that fills the hall from start to finish.  What a night!  Thanks Acoustic Adventures. -Steve
3/1/05: You guys are the best -- thanks for all you do to keep music alive -- I have told the story numerous times onstage now -- "I went to Fairbanks where the forecast said it was going to be 43 degrees below zero.  But it was only 38 below, so it was like spring." -Christine Lavin
2/3/05: CAN'T WAIT!!! [for Christine Lavin] Thanks so much for bringing such a brilliant, talented, "upper" of a musician to Fairbanks in the depth of this horrid weather!!! - Susan
1/16/05: Thanks so much for getting Maura O'Connell.  Mike Flynn had mentioned her coming at Summer Fest and I marked my calendar. What a delighted lady and a great entertainer. Talked with her as we were going to the lobby she went up to autograph her CD's, not many do. -Sister Felicitas
12/12/04: [re. Maura O'Connell] I am so glad to be able to go to her concert--I have a lot of her records, but it's never as good as a live performance. I totally amazed one of our out-of-state post-docs this summer by saying "yup, saw him or them live" every time he brought up a performer, so I am glad we are so fortunate! Thanks for bringing up such wonderful artists. -Kathy
11/6/04: Another great concert [Jim Hurst & Missy Raines]! They are great musicians but together they make a fantastic duo. I really enjoyed the evening. Thanks for remembering I like an aisle seat. -Peter
10/30/04: David Mallet was sure a sweet guy! -Dennis
9/9/04:Trudy: Spectacular start to the fall season with Natalie MacMaster (and the Del McCoury Band at the fair was great as well). -Ken
9/4/05:Trudy: I think WOW!!!!!! pretty much covers the way I feel about that concert. -Peter [re. Natalie MacMaster]
9/4/04:Another kick-ass show!  Thanks for all your hard work, Trudy. Are there any plans to get John Prine back to Fairbanks? Thanks again, PJ
9/4/04:The show was outstanding!!!  The seats were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!  Thanks so much!! -Nancy & John
8/25/04: We got the tickets in the mail today and we are so excited to have passports for the first time!!!  Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!!  -Nancy Spencer
5/22/04: Fantastic show last night at the Loon. It is so nice to have some new refreshing music to listen to. I am tired of listening to the same old stuff on the radio. They play the same stuff day after day. I bought  Will and Mike's CD's, It will be nice to listen to some songs that I can relate to and not some of the rap and junk they have on the radio. Thanks again and I'll see you at the festival in June.-Terri
1/11/04: Dear Trudy, husband, and all others responsible for Acoustic Adventures, Thank you all so very much. We heard James Keelaghan Saturday, bought 2 of his CD’s, and think he’s wonderful. I managed to miss the opportunity to buy season tickets this year, but will be sure to buy them next year. We’ve enjoyed all the concerts we’ve attended, the Fairbanks Folk Fests. You all are doing a wonderful service for the Interior. Thank you so very much for all your work and energy!  -Tom & Judy Smith
12/14/03: I'd just read in the Anchorage paper about Ani DiFranco coming, but it did not list where the show would be held. After some searching I found that you were responsible and I just wanted to extend a huge "thank you". I'm very excited and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to see her in person. Now I can cross that off the "Top 100 to do Before I Die" list! -Meadow
10/20/03: Thanks so much to you and Mace for all the work you put in to making the Fairbanks Folk Sampler a great success. As a performer, I have to tell you that the atmosphere felt so wonderful. Even though I was not performing my own songs, it was truly a great experience! So, thank again! ---Jessica---
10/20/03: Thank you. Really, really thank you. Folk Sampler was an inspired idea and you pulled it off really well. After he broadcasts our show, every state he's heard in will want to do this - but we had him first thanks to you. -Anne
10/20/03: Thanks again for putting on that show [Folk Sampler] - it was a lot of fun to be a part of and it will be a hoot to hear so many local folks on Flynns program in November. You sure have made a fantastic niche for yourself in this community and we are all the better for it. -Seth
10/17/03: Thanks for putting together such a great show! Can't wait to hear it on the radio. I suppose the best part was hearing some folks who I've never heard before. -Banjo Bob
10/17/03: It was brilliant of you to bring Mike Flynn up and do this all-Fairbanks concert. We're truly blessed with talent, aren't we? I was so happy to hear Sarah Hanson and especially Susan Grace... Wish we could have had lots more of her. And Mike is exactly as I imagined him after years of listening to that calm, thoughtful voice on the radio. Amazing what happens when you simply ask, isn't it? Thanks again for this evening. Nice to come home feeling relaxed and good about living here. -Kristin
10/12/03: You two are awesome. Congratulations. What a happening!! [Folk Sampler Live] -Mark
10/8/03: It seems often the case that really good things happen in a community due to the efforts of just a few creative and energetic people. You are one of those people. Thank you so much for doing what you do! -Claudia
9/30/03: We absolutely loved having Dougie MacLean come to Fairbanks.   I cannot thank Acoustic Adventures enough for giving us the opportunity to see him live. Thanks for everything, -Carrie
9/26/03: Arlo was sweet and funny and great. -Dennis
9/16/03: Just a note to say thanks for all your efforts organizing the concerts throughout the year, which we enjoy. We especially loved Arlo and his entourage!! What great music! And such a rich history to go along such incredible stories. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
9/14/03: Thank you, thank you, for bringing Arlo Guthrie and his family to Fairbanks.  It was a wonderful show, one of the best I've ever seen.  It is a great pleasure to experience wonderful performers who are at the peak of their craft.  Unlike most shows, where I feel that even though I enjoyed them I am ready to go home when they end, I could have sat there for much longer, listening, spellbound with pleasure. I am looking forward to the rest of the "AA" season! -Ruth
9/5/03: Mace and Trudy--You guys are doing a great job and providing a wonderful service to Fairbanks.  Pls put me on your "awareness" list so I can get email updates of upcoming acts.  I've been to many and they've all been great. We enjoy the smaller venue acts especially, but the Hering acts have also been great.  So far--Bela Fleck was tops.  There are tons of closet folkies out there.  Keep up the great work.  I'm retiring in about 1-1/2 years and would love to volunteer time to keep the great acts coming when that happens. -Larry
6/27/03: You're an asset to the community of those who love good music. Keep up the good work. Dick and Judie Gumm
4/25/03: Great show last night! [Greg Brown] Thanks so much for reserving those tickets for me.
4/25/03: Good morning, Trudy. Thanks for the tickets!! It was a great show. We do appreciate what you do up here. All our best, Sheldon & Diane
4/16/03: Please try to get Lucinda Williams up here and/or Patty Griffin or Tish Hinojosa. Thanks!
4/3/03: What a great site, and what great work you do! I am a musician and am most interested in preserving old-time music and promoting acts that are modern but retain some of the soul of the old stuff. Thanks for putting this together, and maybe I will look you up sometime. My family is seriously considering relocating to Fairbanks. -David
2/25/03: Hey Mace & Trudy! Just wanted to drop by and say 'hi'!! I read a post from Trudy about the food in Tacoma at the Wintergrass show and thought I'd see how you're doing. I still have the t-shirt and wear it proudly here in the southeast (Georgia)!! I would LOVE to wear it in Alaska!! Maybe we'll make it back to the Wintergrass show before long and we'll get a chance to visit. You gals take care and stay warm! - Russell Moore (IIIrd Tyme Out)
2/16/03: Enjoyed Tim O'Brien - what a great show. - Rick and Scarlett
2/16/03: Thanks for a very enjoyable time last nite! I appreciate your hard work. Thanks again -ML
2/11/03: Thanks for bringing such great concerts, it makes living here a bonus. I used to live in Missoula, MT, and because it is a strong progressive college town, it had great and lively entertainment. I see you and your work helping to make Fairbanks as wonderful as a place as Missoula was to me. -Michael
1/22/03: Great line-up of shows! I want to be a concert promoter just like you when I grow up!!!! -Kari
12/4/02: I just now found this site but the concert i wanted to applaud was quite a while ago. Karen Savoca is amazing, that's all there is to it.
10/31/02: You're batting .1000 with exceptional concerts this year. Prine sure gave it his best. Too bad there wasn't more time for Bill Staines- he's a favorite. Looking forward to seeing Steven Fearing again. Thanks again. It sure is great having the front row seats!!! - Dennis Hojna
10/28/02: Two words about John Prine/Bill Staines: Wow - and WOW! Either one of them in concert in Fairbanks is an event in itself, and to have both on the same ticket is just incredible - and we still are trying to calm down after Nancy G. and Laurie Lewis! Don't know how you did it, Trudy and Mace, but thank you so much! These two Deltans would drive another 200 mile round trip just to relive the whole night over again.. whew! We're awfully glad we bought the series tickets this year and can't wait for Stephen, Tim and Greg coming up. And did we hear Bela Fleck might show up in June? Be still my heart!
10/28/02: Every opportunity (limited as they unfortunately have been) to see John Prine has been like a long-overdue "home coming" of sorts for me. No matter how hectic or chaotic etc. that my life may be, an evening of live John Prine brings a peaceful sense of joy. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful human being to Fairbanks, and though I rarely employ this phrase (ie., almost never); "May God/the Cosmos bless you, Mr. Prine...."
10/26/02: The show last night was beautiful. I got so much from him and he just kept giving. How amazing that after all these years of playing he is still so willing to give. -Sarah
10/26/02:I had so much fun. What a treat -sound was right on the edge. Man was right on key. Great guitars i thought on that last pre-encore number. His voice just makes me want to kiss him. I've got this picture in my head: cheap paper napkin, great big pink kiss to Mr. Prine. -Susan
10/26/02: Congratulations on tonight's wonderful concert.   I've seen John Prine perform about a dozen times in my life -- in Atlanta and Nashville, mostly, from the early 80s into the 90s. Tonight's concert was one of the best, if not THE best. I think part of it was the energy of the crowd: It was obvious how much we wanted him to be here. I truly had thought I wouldn't have another chance to see him since I moved up here, so thank you again for that feat. I can think of no other performer -- or person --  who can break my heart over and over, and then make me laugh through my tears. Prine has "matured," but he hasn't lost that look of a little boy getting into mischief, and he obviously hasn't lost his love of performing. Yay! And Bill Staines was excellent, excellent. He had me in tears, too, so you weren't alone. I hadn't heard the song about the antiques, but that did it to me.Thank you again, for what you do to bring this kind of music to Fairbanks. We'd be much the poorer without you. -Kristin
10/26/02: Once again, my thanks for a great show. Wow, a sell-out! Wonderful. I must admit that I am a John(ny)-Prine-come-lately, as it were. I have heard of his music, have heard a few recognizable tunes over the years, by him or other artists that recorded his songs, but I never truly got the big picture. What a great entertainer and songwriter, as well as a deadpan comic. The story of the "Happy Enchilada" totally cracked me up, along with some of his other tales. I will have to finally go out and get some albums now. And come to think of it, I have never seen Bill Staines before either, so it was a double treat. -Michael
10/26/02: Let us be the first to tell you that on the day of the devastation of Paul Wellstone's death only something as uplifting as the John Prine/Bill Staines concert could lift our spirits. It ranks up there in the top 3 concerts we have seen in 35 years of concerts in all parts of the country. Thank you so very much. Lynette and Steve
10/1/02: I really enjoyed the Nanci Griffith concert; she's my favorite female vocalist. Thanks a bunch for organizing the concert! I hope she'll return again soon. I'm looking forward to John Prine and Greg Brown.
9/18/02: My husband and I thoroughly ENJOYed seeing Nanci......thanks for making it possible.  
Can't wait for John next month.  :o)
9/18/02: I'm really glad we saw the Nancy Griffith show in Fairbanks. Not only was the drive from Talkeetna absolutely breathtaking, but the audience was warm and real. I think the band felt it too. It was a very special night for us - thanks so much Trudy for making it happen!
9/18/02: The Nanci Griffith show, overall, was wonderful. Opening with Prine's "The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" put a spell on me; beauty, sadness, and acceptance of the human condition all wrapped into one beautiful tune. (sigh).. but then, I'm a Prine fan who loves Nanci's voice. Couldn't help but wonder if her "jet lag" and convoluted schedule hadn't affected the clarity of some of her thoughts, though she's DEFINITELY an amazing performer; not just musical talent, but a personna that has a certain magnetism. The downer, for me personally, were her assertions re. not being able to understand the ill will that some folks (elsewhere in the world) might feel toward the U.S.; for a person in tune with political causes, I'd have thought that some of those very real issues are self evident. With that particular right wing, almost-hawk-like sentiment, I lost some admiration, and left before the encore.. Oh well.... Otherwise an excellent show. Very professional performance ! musically, with a top-of-the-line performer and band. Holding my breath for Johnny !!
9/15/02: Fantastic Nanci Griffith show! Thanks again for your work in bringing such talent to Fairbanks.
9/15/02: Hello friends! Ya'll are doin some great work there. I hope to make it to one of your concerts someday. I put one of your bumper stickers on my car. Twang and beyond! -Ger.
9/14/02: I am certain that you will hear from quite a number of people, thanking you for making possible the Nanci Griffith concert, and I wanted to add my voice. And I would like to be able to say these words to her, but that is not possible, so I am sharing them with you. Nanci’s music, presence, wit and gentle spirit redeemed and uplifted me in a way that I have not felt in awhile. Hearing her stories behind the music was a treat. It is rare times like this when I realize that my life has become too busy, and that I have been pushed too far from my own personal peace, as well as from my first love… music. And she has crafted such great, great songs. Not to mention having a wonderful band (even knowing some of them were guests). Hearing players of this caliber always floors me – such perfection of expression; and at this level, they understand how to seamlessly play in a restrained and orchestral manner, articulating their parts in specific arrangements yet adding their own intangible elements of artistic sweetness. My deepest thanks to you and Mace for this jewel of an evening. Warm regards, Michael
9/14/02: Thanks so much for bringing Nancy Griffith to the heart of Alaska.  Her songs and stories made me laugh and cry and her words rocked the core of my soul..It's great to see a world activist who is truly a beautiful human being!
8/31/02: Hello Alaska, I went to your web page today after your nice letter about Katy Moffat, and found myself wishing I lived close enough to come to your concerts. I do want to tell you that what you do is vital to this music. I know it is a work of love and not riches. Bless you for the effort. -Mike Flynn (Folk Sampler Host and Producer)
8/20/02: I am an indebted fan for life! Thank you for your many gifts!
7/14/02: Thanks for all the great music ladies!!!
7/11/02: I was trying to save money and only go to two concerts, then thought better of it over the weekend...I have loved John Prine since I was in college (lo these many years ago!) and was like - how often do you get a chance to go see him?????? You really have done a bang up job for this makes the prospect of oncoming winter far more palatable! - Thanks, mara
7/2/02: Wow, Trudy.  We're all sitting here in the Denali National Park Kennels playing with a two week old sled dog puppy and shocked that we got a very nice note from a human about the tickets we just ordered.  Thank you so much!  It reaffirms why we love Alaska so much. -Larissa
6/24/02: Hi guys, love bluegrass, hope to visit Alaska next Year keep up the good work - Mary
6/16/02: Trudy, Thanks for your message about the passport. It sounds good - something like the Calypso Farms in Ester. But I did want to say that your show at 7 on Saturday is really the best music that I hear all week.
  Thanks and Take care, Henry Cole
6/9/02: Hi Trudy & Mace: Congrats on yet another STELLAR Summer Folk Fest! Couldn't get up to FBX from Delta to be there, but the radio was on all day and it was 100% fantabulous as usual. Gosh, don't we have a pool of incredible talent in Ak? Thank you so very much for continuing to bring us the very best in folk and acoustic music all year long. Fondest waves from Joyce, who is still in awe over the amazing Leo Kottke concert and who is also having a hard time believing both Bill Staines AND John Prine are going to be in town on the same night ::swoon:::
6/8/02: Been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate the work you guys do. I was afraid when I moved here seven years ago from Georgia/Tennessee I'd never hear bluegrass or real folk again, but you proved me wrong. I especially loved the Ramblin' Jack concert and would love to see Guy Clark again... Oh, and your radio show gets me through many a weary week. Kristin
6/8/02: Just wanted to thank ya'll for the live Internet webcast of the Fairbanks Folk Festival. I'm sittin' here in Talkeetna listening to the whole thing - it's wonderful when you can't get to an event like that to still be able to hear it and pretend you're there. Also, thanks for the webpage with the Folk Festival schedule - it's very cool to be able to follow along with the program. From out here in cyberland it sure sounds like you've got your stuff together!  With all those great concerts coming up, I'm gonna have to block out some time to get up to Fairbanks for sure!
  Jim Kloss
Radio Free Talkeetna /
5/29/02: Trudy and Mace,
  Great line-up for the fall. Thanks again for the great music
4/22/02: Trudy. You are AWESOME. Thank you for not only sending me info, but more importantly, for spending the time and energy to help a stranger.  Best from Hotlanta,  Jennifer
4/16/02: Hi Trudy and Will just checkin out your web site, sounds like great music going on up there. take care Bob and Sandy
4/7/02: Just thought I'd say hi from Atlanta. Wish I could be there to see Leo Kottke at his April performance. Oh well
3/15/02: Nice site; good information. Ok, please put me on your Cyberlist to let me know upcoming concerts. I NEED to see Leo Kottke! Isn't there anyone who will sell me their ticket??? -Carol (
3/12/02:**You gals are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Our little town would be pretty bereft without you.... - Sally Anne
2/24/02:Hey Trudy, Thanks again for bringing Pearl Django to Fairbanks. And especially Davis Auditorium. I think they should have captured this one for a live album or something.  Well things are good here. Spin Monkey is in Florida at the folk alliance thingy. Peace thru pickin'! -Mike and Peggy
1/28/02: Just thought I check out your website and see how things were going in AK. Hope everything is going well. Thanks, Jeremy Chapman
10/23/01: Thank you for making it so easy for us to buy tickets from afar Trudy! We here in Anderson are all a buzz over the folks you are bringing into town this winter, what a line up! Thank you! - Paul Schenk

8/25/01: i play your radio show on my outside speakers all summer and it's oh so good for my garden... thank you!! -sara lyle, iceworm organics, big delta
8/18/01: I'm looking forward to spending the season with Acoustic Adventures! - Lissa Young

8/17/01: Be sure to add Alpha Babe and the Bucket Bottom Boys to your list of past acts. We haven't seen your other offerings but we're sure they can't top the Bottoms! The Stensons of Portola.

7/11/01: Thanks for leading us fearlessly upon the Acoustic Adventures!  I look forward to hearing more. -Maya Salganek
7/11/01: the Flecktones concert was one of the best concerts of my life - and that's saying a lot, thanks! -Jesse
7/10/01: Bela Fleck was truly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!  I do love Leo Kottke so will be there for sure. Thanks for doing these shows. -Peter
7/8/01: I don't have the words to say how great Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were. Fairbanks was blessed and a great big thanks to you and Mace. Bring them back again. Thanks again for bringing this talent to Fairbanks. -Don & Michelle
7/6/01: Thanks for organizing such a memorable night. Bela Fleck and, equally, the Flecktones were phenomenal. The bass player's intricate, 15 minute solo and that flashy sax player blowing both the alto and tenor at the same time are a couple of performances that I'll probably never forget. Fleck plays more notes than I thought was even possible! -Jeff Stepp
7/4/01: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! What a great show. Thanks so much for bringing those guys [Bela Fleck & the Flecktones] up. Yours is a business which truly enriches this town. I'm so glad you're here! Thanks again, Anne
7/4/01: That was a truly great musical experience last night at Hering. [Bela Fleck & the Flecktones]. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -John Hagey
6/26/01: Thanks for working so hard to put on an awesome summer music festival!! I had a wonderful time. I ended up jamming 'till about 3:00 AM Sunday morning! Thanks for your hard work in keeping acoustic music alive in Fairbanks and for giving us the chance to play at the summer music fest! -Dan Ison
6/11/01: Trudy, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Folk Fest. It was a great spot to have it, good family fun and great music. The Bearfoot Bluegrass was awesome and I applaud you for supporting these fine, young musicians. The informal music in College at Gullivers, the Doghouse and Into the Woods after the concert was also a wonderful idea. Thanks for a nice day of music. -Kathy
3/28/01: From the former hotbed of bluegrass in California (seriously), I'm sharing these thoughts with you in other areas, hoping you will keep supporting your live local music venues and not lose it like we have here.  Don't do what we have done out here! Don't neglect your opportunities and privileges! - Claire
3/26/01: I go to every concert you host when I am in town. That's my sole criterion. I haven't gone wrong yet with this approach. :-) -Marilyn
3/23/01: I sincerely appreciate the fine work you do bringing good music to Fairbanks.  Cheers, John
2/13/01: Mace and Trudy, Last weekend was really good ... most fun I've had with music in a long time ... Anger, Marshall ... wonderful!!! I really appreciate what you two do for music in Fairbanks! Phil
2/12/01: Trudy and Mace, Wow what a sweet hang you guys are! We really enjoyed our visit and everything went so smoothly. Keep it up and we'd love to come back anytime just let us know when the timing is right. -Mike Marshall
2/8/01: Dear Trudy,  Many thanks to you and Mace for your efforts to get the fiddle workshop off the ground on such short notice. It was great! Darol [Darol Anger] is an excellent teacher. He skillfully accommodated players of widely diverse backgrounds and proficiencies. Players of all levels learned useful new techniques etc.  Sincerely, &y&a
11/17/00: Thanks for the hand counting and all the other good deeds you're doing for the local live music scene.  Even when I can't make a concert I feel better about where I live knowing that it was available.  John Hagey
11/13/00:  Thanks for bringing great music to Fairbanks. What a treat to have Richard Shindell in Fairbanks, I still can't believe it.  Thanks again,  Nancy Winford
10/30/00: Thanks for the great show and the great concerts. Fairbanks would be a dreary place musically without you. Dennis Hojna

10/09/00: Thanks, guys! You're doing a terrific job of bringing good shows to Fairbanks. Charley Basham
09/24/00: I received your update of events tonight and realized that I never got back to you about the David Grisman concert. I wanted to let you know, again, that I really appreciated you delivering me the tickets, and that it was AGAIN a wonderful show. How exciting that he wants to make this an annual event!!! You deserve many kudos for all your hard work!! Kathy Fitzgerald

09/19/00: Wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you doing these concerts. Last year's with Guy Clark and Ramblin Jack was tremendous, and so was DGQ last week. I remember when Greg Brown was here some years ago, and am only sorry I didn't order earlier to get reserved. Anyway, thanks for the effort to do these things. Terrence Cole

08/16/00: Wow, great web page! Mace, my acoustical hero...

07/20/00: Enjoyed visiting your site, it was nice to see a quote from our local Santa Barbarra Newspaper. Jim Cunningham

06/29/00: I heard nothing but great stuff about the Karen Savoca concert-- then I was really hurting when I listened to the CD! I'm delighted she'll be back -- with Greg Brown! Yahoo! These are the lights in those long nights! Keep up the good work!--Lou

05/25/00: Excited about Greg Brown! Second chance to see Karen Savoca too! --Margo Hornback

03/14/00: Dear Trudy, great website. What a good opportunity to finding out what is going on outside of Tok, Alaska. Thank you for visiting us last winter and being part of bringing good music to our little town. Duct Tape Radio and me would like to receive all the future infos you can get us. Thanks again, and make sure to tell all your friends about our place. Helga Wagenleiter

03/11/00: Love your show. Keep the musicians coming to Fairbanks. Thanks

02/15/00: Howdy, From Greeley Colorado! Feel free to sign me up to what ever news letter you might have, Jeff Wood

02/02/00: From the home of bluegrass, Kentucky. Great site and I do believe Alaska is the most beautiful state of all, and it's sure great to have beautiful bluegrass music there! THE BO-MAN

02/01/00: Very cool web site!  Good luck with the new business.  I miss all you folkies!  Love, Cathy Wood 

01/10/00: Hey Trudy:  Keep up the good work.  I loved the last concert-truly amazing musicians.  We all appreciate your hard work and hope your new alliance will be of great benefit and prosperous to boot! 

12/20/99: Trudy, Best of luck to you both in the new year.  We, your audience, are lucky to have you as our champion. Karl 

12/20/99: Trudy,  Yes, keep on truckin' those musicians up here!!  I still can't believe I actually saw and heard Leo Kottke right here in River City. WOW.  Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling every time I think about it...   Have a lovely and peaceful holiday, and here's wishing you and your family health, happiness and harmony in the year to come.   Thanks for all you do to bring live music to us all, Susan 

12/19/99: Hi Folks, just stopped in to say hello. Keep that Bluegrass Music a-hummin' in Alaska, it may warm that temperature up a little!......coyote 

10/09/99: Hey!  Jack's on track; Doug's no lug; Verlon's a Merlin; and Guy...oh, Guy makes me sigh, makes me high, even makes me cry.  Super concert, Trudy!  Any one of them would have been worth the ticket, let alone all four.  If I have to rent a car to take a vacation at Sophy Station to keep this stuff happening, so be it.  Thank you!  --Suli Nee

10/05/99: Trudy, just want to say thanks for a wonderful radio show last saturday. --Legs 

10/04/99  I'd  like to thank you for all the wonderful shows you help to bring to Fairbanks!!! The one thing I missed about the lower 48 was concerts but with the help of Evergreen Enterprises, I now miss NOTHING about the lower 48! 

10/03/99:Keep up the good work Trudy.-- Dave

09/29/99: Mary and I miss all the pickeers in Fairbanks and around Alaska.  Reno has its good points and not getting to -60 is one of them!  Great Web site.  --Mark McDonald 

09/28/99:  Thank you for bringing us the great music; especially Guy Clark on the near horizon!

09/24/99: I'll give you an award for best promoter, the Award for Excellence in the Field of Music Promotions.  All your shows have been with first rate talent. I'd go to see any of them.

09/15/99:Great web page.  Like all the acts that you have brought up.  The ones coming up look to be great too!

09/18/99:Thanks for the Grisman concert.  We have our tickets for Ramblin Jack and Guy Clark, and I just ordered for O'Brien/Reed and Tom Russell on the website.  Truly appreciate you, Trudy.

09/14/99:Great site Trudy!

09:12/99:I would love it if you could get Son Volt up here.  If you have any doubts about them, just listen to "Windfall" and "Tear Stained Eye" off their first album, Trace, and you'll be hooked.  --Doug Wacker 

09/11/99:Trudy,  There is a fabulous band made up of women from around the state called the  Glacial Erratics.  I saw them at the Juneau Folk Fest this year and bought one of their Cd's.  They would be a wonderful addition to our folk fest up here. Thanks.  katrina. [I know them personally and would definitely love to have them play around town.  In fact I sat in for one of their band members a couple of years ago when 2 of them were at Anderson Festival. Kim Barlow just put out a CD too. --Trudy]